Mom’s Day out


Sun Life Philippines treats Mothers like me a relaxing spa at I’m Onsen Spa, I’m Hotel, Makati City last June 21, 2017. It was a day of pampering and of course a day of learning about self-care and money management.  I really deserved this because as a mom of two lovely daughters,  I forgot that I have to take care of myself as well.


Here are some photos of pampering session at  I’m Onsen Spa…

I learned a lot of things during the talk because it’s about Motherhood.  Though I can relate on the topics,  there are things I need to study,  experience and learn.  Being a mother is not an easy task but I enjoy every single time being a Mom.  I make it sure that I give my best that I can,  the love,  time and effort for my whole family.


My daughters are too young so I’m the one who spent more tome to take care of them because my husband is working.  Most of the time we are at our home so I’m with them watching TV,  playing and eating.  I’m focused to them as well as the household chores.  I almost forgot that I have to take care of myself as well.  I want to feel relax and stress-free,  I want a Me time.  I need to balance my time for my kids,  my family and myself.  Next year,  my eldest will go to school and honestly I’m so worried about her education,  the education of my kids.


As we all know,  education is very important and it is an investment but as the years gone by,  quality education means higher expenses.  I’m so surprised of the amount of the tuition of reputable schools now a days and I think it’s a wake up call for me as a parent to invest for the education of my children.  I believe that we will reap the fruits of our labor.

Here are some photos during the talks…


Thank you to all the sponsors of the said event @sunlifeph @twgteaph @belobabylove @hellomessybessy @sarahshomeph @trueteaph @goodbagph @celetequedermo @greensteviaph @workingmommag

To my fellow moms out there,  do you want to experience a pampering and learning session as well? Join the next Mom’s Day Out Events on July 1 or July 15. They could register at




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